Back by (*somewhat*) Popular Demand…

Wow, are there even still readers out there? Is this post echoing as I’m writing it? Hello? Anyone out there?

Truth be told, I know there are still readers of my blog out there because my mom is still alive so THERE.

I don’t even know where to begin, really. I last updated in December? How embarrassing. We amend our Constitution more frequently than I update this damn thing. I desperately wish I had a valid excuse as to why I’ve been MIA all this time, but I don’t. As I’ve said before, I’m horrendous at balancing the different aspects of my life. “Oh I have to grade papers tonight? Well, then I can’t feed my toddler.” “’The Bachelor’ finale is on? Sorry thighs, looks like it’s another day of cellulite for you because I am not running.”

Life has just been crazy, quite frankly. Most nights, I fall asleep by 9pm which is both pathetic and indicative of my chaotic life. I don’t even make it to the last hour of “Full House” that comes on at 10pm—that’s the real tragedy in all of this. I know that everyone is busy, but because this is my blog I get to complain about how busy I am mainly for sympathy.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve been doing the last 32901 months.


Work is work. I want to know who established 40 hours a week as “full time” because that’s just rude. I think I’m more cut out for like 10 hours a week because this job thing is really cutting into my TV watching. I mean, my TiVo is 94% full forgodsakes. But in all seriousness, I’m touching lives and brightening our future every day at work or at the very least, paying back Sallie Mae for the $763 billion dollars I borrowed to fund my education. My knee caps aren’t broken so I know my checks are still clearing.


Good news: Caroline is developing as the world’s smartest and prettiest toddler.


Bad news: Therefore, your child isn’t.

12 (3)

Just kidding! Kinda. She is seriously awesome these days. She puts sentences together, can count, can swear and can even throw a mind-melting, ear-bursting temper tantrum. Even when she’s spilling the dog’s water or trying to set the house on fire, she’s still the greatest human being this planet has ever known. To most, she’s right up there Ghandi and Mother Theresa. I couldn’t agree more.

155 (2)

Our Diabetic Dog, Winston

Still diabetic. That’s really about it.


Ryan, the Husband

Ryan’s busy inventing things at work and doing all sorts of technical things that I don’t understand. BUT, he’s making money to support my lifestyle of $8 nail polishes and toddler clothing shopping sprees so I suppose all is good? Seeing as how I pass out on the couch every night around 8:30/9pm, we don’t really get to see much of one another until the weekends. This is either the best marriage ever or he’s lacing my orange juice with Benadryl to make me pass out so he doesn’t have to interact with me. But I love him anyway.

Running & Working Out

Yeah, this shouldn’t even be a topic because while I’ve been gone from the blog, I’ve run two marathons, qualified for Boston, can bench press my body weight and even won a Cross Fit competition.


I haven’t done much of anything and just struggled get Caroline’s new bottle of juice open. Either I’m incredibly weak (yes) or they’re putting those damn tops on too tightly at the Wegman’s factories (yes).


I DID do a snowy 2 mile run the other day!

Either way, working out has taken a back seat lately. And by “back seat” I mean, in the way, way, WAYYY back. Like, back seat of a school bus kind of thing. Aside from being busy (excuses I know), the next topic of choice is also a factor…


Winters in Rochester are notorious for being god-awful, but this winter has been personally designed by a pissed off devil that wants to see humans suffer and babies cry. Not only have we had miserable amounts of snow, but the temperatures have all made us prisoners of our own home. It’s not like we can go outside and enjoy the snow. No. If we were to go outside, we’d immediately contract frostbite and die. It’s that cold. Negative temperatures, all the damn time. Take a look at the difference in weather this week. The picture below is from Tuesday when it was 50 degrees out!


And this is just 24 hours later…wind chill temperature of -8 AND over one foot of snow!


I can only really run outside because I’m a big baby like that so because I like using my legs and having them attached to my body, I’ve hunkered down inside for the past three months. Spring is apparently eight days away so maybe that will reinvigorate my exercise habit. Or I could just keep eating cookies.

Other Stuff

Well, aside from all of that fun stuff going on in life, we’ve also been pretty preoccupied with something…or should I say someone else.

BABY 3-10-015

Because I’m apparently only ever fertile around Jesus’ birthday, the next little bugger is due right around C’s birthday in September. We are super-duper, 100% THRILLED. Now that I do not want to puke every 10 minutes and my diet consists of more than just McDonald’s milkshakes, I’m really starting to fall in love with pregnancy again and am so excited to raise another future American leader.


So there you are, folks! I’ll be back, I swear. If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days maybe call the authorities.

Or just continue to wait for a post.


  1. Sylvia Vadney says

    So can I be automatically approved to leave comments because filling out this form is a little bit like work.
    C is awesome and is So stinking cute! Not sure I’d feel that consistently through a tantrum but how long can those last for? I really don’t know why people live there in the winters. It’s ‘hard’ to live there. The entire state should pack it up for a few months. Spring is like two weeks away isn’t it? I’m bummed that you haven’t ran because that’s you time but completely, unfortunately, understand not being able to. You’re going to have to stop that working thing so you can focus on running and blogging. You have a responsible to entertain me. Poor Winston got a one liner. Another bean!!! You will be forced to explain why you blogged in such detail with Baby C and Baby X gets community posts. It’s only the start of the sibling rivery. You must blog as least monthly to keep from this awkward conversation and a life of poor decisions baby x will make due to C being the ‘favorite’. Congrats!! By far one of the cutest families I know.

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