A Girl’s First Mother’s Day

Dang. Am I the only one that forgot I had a blog? In all fairness, I’ve been experimenting with the look of the blog instead of actually writing in it. I like all things in my life whether they are my baby, my nails or my blog to look pretty and clean and this blog needed some attention. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve been having fun trying to figure out this behind-the-scenes nerd stuff. I actually watched a video on computer code the other night in order to install an “About Me” section on here. When I told Ryan what I was doing, I think he just about wet his pants. A girl learning about computer programming? It’s basically his teenage boy fantasy. Just give me some Legos and a video game headset and he might marry me all over again.

Anyway, I’m sorry for neglecting you all. Last week I was busy with non-running/exercise shenanigans and full of work-related duties like resume updating and obnoxiously stalking people for letters of recommendation. Hopefully I can get back on the blogging bandwagon because I do have a number of exciting things to tell you about.

But yesterday was a pretty major day in my life- it was my very first Mother’s Day! Prior to becoming a mom, I thought Mother’s Day was a Hallmark holiday meant to drum up business in the flowers, chocolates and handbag markets. However, now that I am a mom I realize that we deserve to be celebrated. In fact, MD should be a week-long event. Father’s Day can be just one day because they didn’t have their uterus occupied by a little zygote that lived off of them for nine months—it’s only fair that our celebration should last longer.

If you’re wondering what the first thing I saw on Mother’s Day was, it was not my cute baby. It wasn’t even my dog or some type of early morning infomercial on wrinkle cream. No. The first thing I saw was a picture from Ryan’s cell phone when he took the dog out and saw that our outdoor glass table had shattered in the middle of the night.

photo 2 (12)

I want to assume that it was the wind that did this, but I’m 72% sure that it might have been God. Maybe he’s upset with my mothering skills and wanted to show me a lesson on Mother’s Day. He’s right. I really should stop swearing in front of Caroline and calling other babies ugly to their faces. That’s not good mothering. But dang, if he’s smashing up my table what’s he doing to that chick from “Teen Mom” that just filmed a sex tape? She should stay away from bodies of water and flammable objects.

Ryan woke me up to an awesome breakfast of coffee, French toast, sausage and a really inappropriate serving size of bacon. I’m a firm believer that bacon doesn’t have calories. Will it give you heart disease? Probably. But will it make you fat? NO. Don’t I have great rationale? My breakfast looked like a damn caveman’s plate, but I don’t care. Sometimes I think I could legitimately become a vegetarian and not care, but then I see bacon. Bacon!

photo 3 (11)

As a gift, Ryan got me a cute card complete with Caroline’s handprints on the inside. The biggest success of this is that you can actually tell these are her hands and he didn’t have to hose her off or give her sedative to calm her down afterwards.

However, what’s inside of the card is pretty exciting for me. Since completing my first half-marathon a few weeks ago, I’ve been itching to redeem myself in the local September half in a few months. Not that I’m terribly upset about my performance in the race (it was my first one after all!), but I know I can do better. Thankfully, Ryan gifted me the opportunity to get some professional advice and coaching this summer in the form of Fleet Feet’s Half Marathon Training program!

Here’s a look at what the program offers:

•    Detailed Weekly/Daily training workouts program
•    Online Training Tool to record your training and to allow feedback from coaches
•    Unlimited Email Access to Coach
•    Weekly Training Tips & Support
•    A fun social atmosphere to get you to the start line healthy and prepared for race day
•    Online Training Group Support via Facebook – this has proven to be motivating and helpful in maintaining your program
•    Weekly Coached Tempo Workouts on Thursdays at 6PM
•    Weekly Supported group Long Runs on Saturdays at 8AM with Pace Group Leaders

Guys, I’m pretty jazzed. I know most mothers got a trip to the spa or a pedicure, but this is just what I wanted! There’s an informational session early next month that I’m going to attend and get a feel for the program, but I’m pretty excited at the possibility of having a training program catered to me. Plus, when I’m done I’m pretty sure I’ll qualify for the Olympic team. It’s going to be that successful. I’ll probably run a half-marathon in like 26 minutes, that’s how much faith I have in this program.

Overall, it was a fabulous Mother’s Day and one for the books. It’s pretty fun being a mom and I enjoyed having yet another day besides my birthday to yell to Ryan that “IT’S MY SPECIAL DAY” and make him my slave. Everyone should become a mom unless you hate babies, can’t read, have the word “teen” in front of your age, don’t have a job and/or occasionally forget to feed your animals. Those are just a few of my general rules I plan to implement once I became Global Dictator and employ forced sterilization.

photo 1 (12)

Cutest girl around!

Okay, I have to go clean the bathrooms because I skipped out on doing it last week and there’s a shiny ring in the toilet which is the definition of “classless.” Ryan should have bought me a little maid I could keep locked in the basement and let her out to do chores like clean the bathroom and vacuum. That sounds like a crime, but we’d feed her and stuff. Sometimes.

Stay tuned because Griselda Mood is going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY! It’s pretty maj too so runner friends and internet stalkers, get ready. I have presents for you!


How was your Mother’s Day? Did you get spoiled or did you spoil your mom or both?!
Anyone ever train for a race with a  group or with a coach? I’m a little nervous!



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    Hey, bacon = paleo, right? So not only are you losing mega lbs, but you’re, like, curing any ailment you’ve had, have, or will have. Like cancer. This is not me wishing cancer on you, but me encouraging you to eat as much bacon as possible.

    That training program sounds awesome! I don’t even try to find people to run with because I’m so obsessed with doing my planned runs, but it would be really nice to run with people doing the same workout. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes!
    Jean recently posted…Jeans for Jeano!!My Profile

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    Yahhhh! I’m so excited for you. Fleet Feet is a class act (OK, I drank the Gatorade, or Nuun, a long time ago, but I can’t help it!). And their training programs are pretty big, so there’s a good chance someone will be running at your pace (they have pace groups), that you’ll hit it off with. Lots of possible new running friends to choose from. The pace leaders are also, generally, really good and experienced (I know a lot of them), so you can learn a lot WHILE running. Multi-tasking at its best!

    I can’t wait to see how this summer’s training goes for you!!!!!
    Holly KN recently posted…Thanks, Mom(s)!My Profile

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