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Friday: 4 miles at 9:50 pace. I listened to my own advice and started off slow. I felt great throughout this run despite the fact that it was incredibly hilly. In fact, my last mile was my fastest! Here’s to hoping that I can do this well tomorrow during the 10k.

Mile 1: 10:05

Mile 2: 10:08

Mile 3: 9:57

Mile 4: 9:17

Saturday: Rest day. Tomorrow is race day y’all.


HAPPY WEEKEND! Yesterday was a rough day at work. The kids are getting antsy, restless and unruly now that the weather’s nice and summer vacation is starting to stare back at them. I hate being a disciplinarian, but yesterday was all about “can you please stop throwing things? Can you not touch one another? Guys, take your notes. You have a test on Monday, can you please pay attention? Can you stop laughing? Seriously, stop throwing things.” Needless to say, I’m happy the weekend is here.

Wait, I should rewind to before work and mention that I had an obnoxious dream that once again involved Ryan being Captain Infidelity.  My last dream involved him telling me at dinner that he had an STD and was leaving me.  Well this time in my dream, I came home to find Ryan at home…in bed…cuddling with a chick named Mallory. Mallory was very friendly (obviously, she’s spooning with a married man) and was all “hey there Allee! I just love your husband! He’s so sweet!” To which Ryan responded with, “Aw Mallory, I love you too” and then gave her a big squeeze. In real life, I would have gone all Jodi Arias on him, but in my dream I was much more composed. I looked at Ryan and said “I’m late for work so I have to go. If you sleep with her, I’m going to stick a steak knife through your chest” and then calmly walked out. Apparently, Dream Allee is a busy girl who doesn’t mind her husband canoodling with other girls, but if he sleeps with them I become homicidal. At least I have a line. Obviously that dream put me into a grumpy mood because I really dislike wanting to kill my husband for offenses he didn’t commit before 7am.

The rest of the day was spent running, showering and having our weekly Friday night dinner with Colin, Katie and our combined 3902 children. At least the afternoon/evening was better than the morning.

This morning we woke up and went to a neighborhood garage sale down the street. Sadly, we came home with nothing. There was a lot of crap at these sales. Ain’t nobody want your used potty training toilet seat or your stained baby clothes. I’m all for saving a buck or two, but not when I know for a fact that the items have seen a child’s green bean puree throw-up or their misdirected urine. I’ll pass, thanks though!

image (6)

Errand running fuel

It’s 4pm and we just got home from running some serious errands. Remember that I’m running a race tomorrow! So of course, that involves the mandatory preparation of packet pick-up, accessorizing, fuel shopping and nail painting (obviously).

image_3 (6)

Hey, sneaker tee

We ran to pick-up my race bib and t-shirt and I stumbled upon Jelly Belly Sports Beans. We’ve been really into jelly beans around this house so I’ve been anxious to test these out. Who doesn’t want an extra excuse to eat candy? What would happen if I accidentally ate both packages before the race? I’d probably win, right? Okay, that’s the plan then.

image_2 (6)

Candy with a cause

After that, we hopped over to Fleet Feet where I bought a new headband. Usually, I clip back my bangs, but I saw on Facebook that FF got these in the other day and I’m a sucker for advertising. You know when you see all those ads on the side of your browser and wonder why companies pay to flash their products there? Well, they pay for people like me. Ooh, pretty, sparkly, girly, running things? I’ll take them all!

image_6 (2)

New hair piece.

We hit up Wegman’s for some weekend groceries and then went to get some cilantro, parsley and basil for me to grow. Wegman’s never has any of these when I need them so I figure I’ll just grow them myself. To most people, that’s pretty simple. However, I kill everything I come in contact with that trusts me to keep it alive. Thank God, I have Ryan around because I’m pretty sure our baby and pets would be in some trouble. What? Cats can’t swim in the pool? Yeah, I can’t be trusted.

image_1 (6)

Stay alive

I’m determined to do well with these little herbs so I can prove to Ryan that I’m capable of having my own farm. The Power Ball Lottery is up to 500 kajillion dollars and if we win Ryan said that maybe I could have a farm. He doesn’t trust me because I never do anything outside so how am I supposed to care for my miniature donkeys and llamas? I’ll show him. I’m going to nurture the crap out of these herbs, win the lottery and have acres full of farm animals. Jokes on you, Ryan!

Okay, champs. I have to go have a mid-afternoon beer with Ryan and then irresponsibly eat way too much pasta. But before we go, let’s discuss this race of mine tomorrow…


Um, yum

image_7 (2)

Summer beer-ing

I’m running the Medved Lilac 10k which is a part of Rochester’s big Lilac Festival. I don’t want to blow your mind or anything, but the festival features a bunch of lilacs. Needless to say the race runs around the park full of lilacs. Let’s hope I don’t have an undiagnosed lilac allergy.

I have no real expectations for this race other than to run it and enjoy it. My PR for a 10k was during my half last month and was 1:01:52 (9:57 min/mile). We will see if I can safely come anywhere near that. Seeing as how I’m a little underprepared, I’ll safely assume “no.”

But since this is my blog and I’m a worrywart, wish me luck. As always, this girl can always use it.

image_5 (5)

Let’s go!


  1. says

    I love how far you’re sitting from the person in that second-to-last picture (Ryan?). It makes me laugh to think that you sit fifty feet away from each other when hanging out. Don’t ruin my dreams and tell me I’m wrong.

    Good luck tomorrow!
    Jean recently posted…Dusting Off My Snow-Running SkillsMy Profile

  2. says

    I won’t lie – I’m a bit jealous of your new Sweaty Band. I similarly swooned over the photos FF posted a few days ago! 🙂

    Glad your well-fueled (coffee, sports beans, beer) and ready to rock-and-roll. In fact, you’re probably running right now. So this is a bit late, as far as advice goes, but when the going gets tough…run like you’re chasing down Captain Infidelity. 😉
    Holly KN recently posted…Fortunately/Unfortunately (May 17)My Profile

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